Cover Songs: The re-covering


Last thread timed out after 30 days so lets start again!


“Why’s the bedroom so dad-gum cold?”


Had to look him up. What a strange person. Fond of odd covers


Did literally everybody do a cover of Tainted Love in the 80s?

My personal favorite cover of the song:


Used to have that on vinyl way back when. Not the best listening while down a Berkley hole…


Does that mean a hole of depression? Cause Coil is certainly not something I’d recommend for someone with depression!


Referring to something chemistry related obliquely with the word Berkley


I suppose the meaning is lost on me…



Berkeley hole? I’m guessing West coast and not “College of Music.” Also not to be confused wit Berkeley Pit:


Again, all I’ll say here is “chemistry”.


Back on topic… Concrete Blonde’s cover Everybody Knows:

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