Handwritten lyrics for "Love Will Tear Us Apart"


What a great find, a giant or a song…

Much as I appreciate the attempt with that cover version, may I be the first to say that its oily, saccharine vapidity betrays a complete misunderstanding of Joy Division, Manchester, and the 1980s Britain I grew up in. Apologies, but I can’t help the way I feel. There are some things music should never do, and that band’s just done it.


This sheet is on display at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame right now.

In fact, this is a picture taken of the RNR HOF’s display. If you look at the bottom hole-punch, there’s a circle of white plastic on the left of it. That’s the edge of a marker with the number 5 on it. (If I had a place to throw it, I have a picture of that display that I took this past weekend - that’s why it caught my eye.)

Still a cool find, and maybe it’s just a bad picture, but it made me wonder if someone cropped it and sand-blasted the photo to make it look older. (Though I’m assuming they just cropped it and sharpened it to draw out the words on the page.)

It’s the opposite of Love Will Keep Us Together!

No Teardrop Rain Will Tear Us Apart.

I get your point… I dunno personally I think she had a good enough run at a monumental song.

Actually I was looking for an accordion cover version, but didn’t find one I liked, and it was on the first page of results, and after one listen I thought “yeah, that’ll do” , as you do… having just re-listened it is a bit less blinding than the original, but so what, its just a cover…

sounds like it could be a case for a rewrite of the old woodworking rule of thumb: “measure twice, cut once” - “listen twice, post once”, and then I could have saved your poor ears the torment… must admit that if I had listened a 2nd time last evening I might not have…

I had a good friend who offed himself with LWTUA as the soundtrack , back when it came out, so its not like the original doesn’t have a strong personal attachment. For many years I couldn’t bear to hear it anymore…

And as for apologizing for the way that you feel, how fitting as that’s what Ian Curtis did in nearly every song I guess. No apology needed or expected.

So what do you think about this, too perky maybe? http://youtu.be/7Mm6ycEz2A8 ,

Mebbe I’m just getting old(er) but there seems to be a surge in what I consider “pointless remakes”. Hugely subjective I know, but does the world really need a minimalist “Gold Dust Woman”?

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