COVID-19 patients beg for the vaccine, but it is too late

this is what gets me. i mean, sure, do your own research and all that, fine – but over half a million dead people in the US isn’t compelling evidence enough for them? the average life expectancy of americans actually DROPPED because of this pandemic for the first time since WWII, i think. what more proof do people need??


From the article, the doctor sums this up succinctly. When dying patients ask for the vaccine, she asks them why they didn’t already get it. They give reasons, but when she asks if they talked to their doctor about it they always say “no.”


They should really start mentioning what political party these vaccinated are from…


My mother is a straight-up genius. She has 2 degrees and a masters (which she got in succession whilst bringing up 5 kids on her own), speaks seven languages, has published several books, and I reckon could turn her hand to anything. And she’s hardcore anti-vaxx. And that’s not even the craziest stuff she buys into. She was fine til they made the internet easier to use.


I’m sorry man, but it sounds like she’s not actually good at critical thinking.


That’s the horror of it: she is. She’s the reason myself and all my siblings do think critically. She taught us that, and always, always encouraged us to say ‘no, fuck you’ to stuff we thought was wrong. To not be sexist. To not be racist. We grew up in a house full of books and learning and were encouraged to speak our minds and make and think and do. Three or four years of Facebook? Boom. Gone. I barely talk to her any more and it breaks my heart, but I just can’t. Especially the last year.


No it won’t. The Red Hats will just say they’re crisis actors. This is the world we live in now


To think that you are immune to emotional bias is to cease to think critically. There are plenty of smart people out there that got their information from the wrong source and just dig in. My dad used to tell me all the time how Fox was the only unbiased news source out there. It is scary amazing when someone says the things you emotionally agree with, you start believing the other stuff they say too.
Hell, smart people are the WORST. “I did my own research” being shorthand for “I validated my own biased thinking” is not just soccer-mom hijinks. There are plenty of people out there that cherry pick the literature BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO. When you go to “research” the internet you’ve already got your own theory and you’re looking for evidence to support it… if you’re lucky you only fall prey to “don’t understand the field/ not familiar with reputable authors/ methods” versus “hey this guy looks like they know what they’re talking about”
Of course by then once you’ve been Wakefielded you can’t be dug out because any evidence to the contrary is just explained away with [insert conspiracy theory here]


I feel you. My mother was a great educator. She taught for years then became a school administrator. But for me she always taught me to see right from wrong and to make my own choices.
Now she’s forwarding me crap saying the Cyber Ninjas are finding discrepancies in Arazona and it’s obvious that Trump won the election.


Yeah, my mom is pretty much in the same boat, and frankly, while Facebook is problematic in this degree, I have to admit she’s also kind of lining up what she would have done had she known there were people to support her wrong thoughts.

So no, your mom (and my mom) are not great critical thinkers. They’re not even good at it. Maybe they were, but that’s the past, and the past isn’t what’s going to hurt them right now. The present is where their decision making process is failing, and the present is what will kill them.


I’m really curious as to how you think she got there. Was something relatively innocuous (like natural health sites, spiritualism forums etc) the gateway that seeded her anti-vax stance?
What I’m getting at is I think it’s more nuanced than ‘people are gullible/stupid/lack critical thinking’.
For example - I know an extreme achiever who’s set new trails in the military as a woman. Yet she is hook, line and sinker into Reiki. Something doesn’t add up.


Stupid tends to cure itself, hence ‘The Darwin Awards’.
Unfortunately, it also tends to take others down in the process.


I see education as a treatment for Ignorance; no matter how much education anyone has, they are still ignorant about other areas of knowledge. There’s no shame in being merely ignorant… hell, I have no qualms about admitting that I’m an ignorant bastid.
Unknown unknowns abound in all of us.
Stupidity, OTOH, seems to be largely self-inflicted as @Chuckles has noted.
I have no sympathy for the willfully ignorant.

For some people, there is no amount of proof that would suffice.


Just because you’re a genius doesn’t mean you’re always going to be right. History is full of well known people of incredibly high intelligence that have made really bad choices because of entrenched biases instead of dispassionate analysis of circumstances.


Too late now motherfuckers. You were warned over and over again. Health officials begged you to get vaccinated. They awarded prizes just for showing up to get vaccinated. You refused to even wear masks. You’all told the health officials (and the rest of us) to fuck off and yelled death threats against the nurses, doctors and officials who were trying to protect you, as well as store clerks who just wanted you to wear a mask and not infect them. Now you’ve caught it (just like you were warned over and over again you were almost guaranteed to if you didn’t get vaccinated). And after you’ve given it a good chance to evolve resistance to the vaccine and spread it around a bunch more and infected a bunch more people, now you’re dying, and want our sympathy? Well, Fuck You. You were given every chance. I for one have no sympathy left for motherfuckers who are trying their best to ensure the disease evolves and continues to spread more and endanger the rest of us.


That’s been my go-to response to these Covidiots as well. My cousin is a rabid anti-vaxxer and even though we lost a mutual uncle to it she still doesn’t get it so I just want to ask her what her doctor said when she talked to him about the vaccine, knowing fully well that she likely hasn’t consulted him.


At least they acknowledge their mistake, IF they survive they will be better for it (big if: being intubated is a big risk in any case).
Not everyone can admit being a fool:

nature can’t be fooled.


The people with the authority to make that happen, i.e. state governors, are part of the problem. They are not going to make it happen, and they will fire any state health authority that tries to do so, as happened to Dr Michelle Fiscus in Tennessee.

The Trumpified Republican Party is not a political party any more, it is now a death cult.


Which is exactly why education cuts are part and parcel of the agenda.


I’m not gonna like your post, but I whole-heartedly agree