COVID unbeatable and vaccines won’t work, in this week’s optimistic tabloids

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An especially heinous example of why we should stop doing these.


Clapton may have been a racist 44 years ago, but it’s not like he ever stopped. He continues to make statements that are racist, anti-semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-foreigner. Big time supporter of Brexit and Boris Johnson.
He’s basically the British Kid Rock.
I mean, I’m still not going to change the station when he comes on the BB King Blues channel tho…

He’s amazingly creative, but also a terrible human being. Not the first one like that, sadly.

I think it’s a bit strange when racist people adopt and adapt music from other cultures or other races, and in nearly the same breath condemn those races. It’s cultural appropriation at its worst, in that it denies the originators of Blues and Rock their due credit.

Oh what great entertainment! Of course I also enjoy licking doorknobs and getting kicked in the head!

As the world reels from deaths and illnesses due to COVID-19, the race is on for an effective, safe and long-lasting vaccine to help the human body block the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Several promising vaccines are already working their way through Phase 3, the final stage of clinical evaluation. The world remains optimistic that we will have one or more vaccines that will prove to be safe and effective by January 2021.

But, as encouraging as the early data has been, uncertainty has loomed over whether vaccines that appear effective and safe in developing antibodies in younger adults will work equally well for the geriatric population. It’s a critical issue given that older individuals are also at greater risk for a life-threatening illness if they do get affected from COVID-19.

Current Therapeutic Developments for COVID-19

Due to swift action taken by regulatory authorities, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies, various COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutic candidates have already emerged. These efforts continue to involve countless researchers, support staff, and others who are tirelessly working to understand the virus and develop ways to combat it. Current approaches include everything from traditional vaccines to cutting edge nucleic acid-based therapies and even repurposing certain existing drugs that might prove beneficial.

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