Cow enjoys catching snowflakes on her tongue [VIDEO]

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That tongue is going to end up in somebodies taco.

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Doesn’t seem like it, from that particular cow’s owner, although lengua IS good in a taco ^^’ . I prefer it, however, sliced very thin as sandwich “lunch meat”

Tongue is a very delicious part of the beast to eat which I have tasted on my own tongue.

Sadly many humans are so divorced from the fact that any time we see a cute cow we don’t recognize it has been breed for our meat and milk.

This is actually a very sad video of a beast having a fleeting moment of fun away from our purpose for it.

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Must be her Frisian blood, they are known to only thaw out when it freezes :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. This is a video of a pet having fun in the snow. Notably, most types of pet are also eaten as food, somewhere in the world.

More proof that cows are just big doggos. :3

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