Cracker from the Titanic up for auction


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Can I get two hardboiled eggs with that?


That’s amazing! I just happen to have a whole package of Nip-Chee from the Titanic! I had no idea they were precious…


Is it gluten free?


This will go well with 138-year-old wedding cake that Elaine steals from J. Peterman.


Best served with a slice of cheese from the Hindenburg


Certified to float, even with Leo DiCaprio hanging off the edge of it.

May not necessarily stay crunchy, though.


Oh the huge manchego!


I’ll bet it tastes terrible.


You don’t slice it, you melt it on, right?



There’s no Jesus on this. I’m out.


But the Sea of Galilee (or Africa) :smiley:


Polly want a cracker?


Soggy biscuit?


Yea, collectors of Titanic memorabilia will surely face stiff competition from the league of antique cracker aficionados.


Gotta love raclette. “Screw it, let’s just melt a giant wheel of cheese and call it dinner”.


And a silhouette of the last rat to jump ship!

(JesusRat wants his cracker back.)


You people are good.


@shaddack @awjt @japhroaig

We gotta buy this damn cracker!

Then Japh grinds it into a sourdough culture, and we make Titanic crackers! Billions of 'em!

All with a theoretical portion of that one cracker from the Titanic. Come to think of it, I guess we don’t need the whole thing…

We’ll need manufacturing, initial funding, international marketing…