Craiglist ad for new Speaker of the House

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The position is not vacant. Boehner is still Speaker until a new one is chosen, and it’s beginning to look like that might take a while. The Freedom Caucus is rejecting everybody, and they seem to be running the show.

Fun fact: If 44 moderate Republicans crossed the aisle, they could elect Nancy Pelosi!


The posting has already been tagged for removal.

The phrase “U.S. House of Representatives” probably set off CL’s decency filters.


Translation: If pretty-much-all of the remaining moderate Republicans grew a spine, they could paint targets on their backs to be recalled and replaced with appropriate fanatics for the perceived crime of treason against the GOP.


Hey, I never said it was likely.

That’s pretty accurate, right down to the lack an equal opportunity employer notification.

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Yes, but I like keeping my flights of fancy down below the sort and degree of improbability that is the hallmark of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

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I can’t imagine why. That sounds so boring.

An insurance agent just called you boring.

Crap! Spoiler tags, how do they work?

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