Craigslister seeks woman to sit in bathtub full of ramen noodles




My mother told me that the emergence of art was a sign that civilization had arrived.

She also told me that people seeking women to sit in a bathtub full of raman noodles was a sign that civilization had been around too long.


Day late, dollar short. I shot this nearly five years ago!


Oh goody.


I guess that is what they mean when they say, "I'd drink her bathwater"



More like Nudels, Amirite?


Hey, this is a repost of something that made best-of-craigslist 5 years ago:

I guess that makes this a... COPYPASTA!


And after the desired "flavor" is gathered from this venture, the product development guys from either Maruchan or Nissin begin experimenting with putting together various artificial ingredients to produce a matching taste for their new flavor packets.


I came in to this thread wondering if anyone else had considered how much ramen it would take to fill a bathtub, or what that might cost. Of all the weird things you could fill a tub with, ramen seems like a really good bang for your buck.

Do you recall how many ramen packets were used to make that shot in the pool there?

Considering it looks like quite a bit sunk to the bottom, I'd guess we're seeing about $20 worth. Close?


5 years ago? Yeah it would take me like 5 years to get through a whole tub of ramen. He probably needs more.


It was six cases, and I think the case had 36 bricks in each, so something like 216 packs of Ramen? I chose it because it was absurd and cheap (around $6 per case from Sam's Club) and I hadn't seen it shot before. More than $20 but less than $40.

People always ask how I cooked it all, but I didn't necessarily "cook" it. I put it all in two giant tupperware storage containers and filled them with the hottest water my bathtub faucet would make, then put the lid on for 5-10 minutes and it was actually a little overcooked. It was pretty horrendous. The other shots I didn't post show the absurdity of it all.


Would you be willing to share the absurd shots?


I'll have to track them down. I've got some of the shots I edited here on my laptop, but the entire shoot is on my backup drive at the office, so it'd take me a bit to dig them all up. Let me see if I've got a backup disk around here somewhere. How do you want me to share them? I have another random one on Flickr


but I could throw more up there.

EDIT: Just looked through some backups here and I don't know exactly where the originals are, but I'll shoot you a note tomorrow when I've got my backups in front of me and I'll share anything you want to check out. I'll keep looking around here for now though.


Episode 9 of Serial Experiments Lain, I think.


Ohhhh, this kind of thing has probably been around since some guy left anonymous pictographs inviting women to sit in the big basket of berries in his cave.


Proof that Rule 34 is real.


This totes reminds me of grapefruit guy from Rubyfruit Jungle.


yeah, so could I.


Someone call the police!!! this has got to be a Copypasta.


People have been doing weird shit forever: