Crap Taxidermy


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Aww, it’s the rare and elusive tube fox


Welp, I didn’t want lunch anyway.

They always start out as matched pairs, but eventually one of them goes missing.


This from buzzfeed shows the real use for crap taxidermy

The mice were already dead? That takes out half the challenge.

More like crap assholes who need to get a better hobby. I’d be all up in this idiotic hipster wankfest flipping tables left, right and center. Taxidermy is not, by itself, unethical but most animals that go to the taxidermist have been hunted and if the animal was shot by some fucker with bad aim or, even worse, some sadistic asshole or if the animal’s meat was not used then it’s entirely unethical.

If you’re buying “feeder mice” (yes, that’s what she said) then it’s far worse. They weren’t already dead, they were bred and raised with the purpose of being food and then your shitty little group of NYC crafting douches and their BS attempt at marketing an entirely worthless book made decorations out of them. How fucking disrespectful to a living creature. Kat Su and Daisy Tainton I hope you fucking choke on some googly-eyes.

PS: Why is this even posted here? Is Mark buddies with this fool or is it just for the incidental Amazon referrer juice?

I like to use the term taxiderpy.


Perfect term for it. Thanks for that. :smiley:

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