Create pixel art using style sheets

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Probably more efficient than rendering pictures with html tables. Which is actually a thing that was done once upon a time as a “ha ha look what I can do” exercise.

GIMP* actually lets you save files that way. :expressionless:

( *the open-source photoshop alternative – why they named it that, i’ll never know )

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(G)NU (I)mage (M)anipulation §roject

Or to expand:

(G)NU’s (N)ot (U)nix (I)mage (M)anipulation §roject.

oh, i know. it’s just strange to use an acronym which carries a completely different meaning than its underlying words, and one that can be seen as derogatory.

for me it always conjures images from “pulp fiction”, not image editing.

[ edit: great program, bad name :slight_smile: ]

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