Will websites end up content providers for social networks?

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Dudes, you might have at least bought the pic you used in the article. Or are you making some sort of ironic point using a free sampler that says ‘Make Money’?

We have free-of-charge acess to the high res originals, but you can’t download them with the desirably ironic stock-art watermarks!

I’ve thought of making a generator with a set of like 20 stock art keyboards and a text tool, but doing the 3d tranforms on text in javascript just sounds like a headache.


Write it in a language of choice as a backend, and call it via HTTP, perhaps? Sometimes when I need a console tool but it is easier to run it on a webserver, the approach of choice is a simple curl-based shell script as the command and a PHP script on the server as backend.

Or use an existing library? There must be a lot of texture mapping code out there, from various HTML5/js games. E.g. a demo of perspective-correct texturing in canvas by adaptive triangle subdivision.

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