Creating sausage from pizza, green tea and more

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Well, if one wanted to appeal to its etymology, there ought to be at least a pinch of salt in there somewhere

sausage (n.)

article of food consisting of chopped or minced meat, seasoned and stuffed into the cleaned gut of an ox, sheep, or pig, and tied at regular intervals, mid-15c., sawsyge, sausige, from Old North French saussiche (Old French saussice, Modern French saucisse), from Vulgar Latin *salsica “sausage,” from salsicus “seasoned with salt,” from Latin salsus “salted,” from past participle of Old Latin sallere “to salt,” from sal (genitive salis) “salt” (from PIE root *sal- “salt”).

Sawsidge, A Pudding made of Capons guts, Porke, and Spice, &c. [Cockeram, English Dictionarie, 1623]


Wurst Kitchen in Aurora IL also makes a decent pizza sausage. Not from pizza, but with Pizza components.

Best Wurst around.


The Gilbert Gottfried schtick get old pretty quick.


I first saw a variation on this in a Canadian grocery store almost 30 years ago, so it’s not a new concept. I’ve seen more strange luncheon meats in Canadian stores than anywhere else, but it’s also a nation where the boiled-ham-on-buttered-white-bread sandwich is celebrated.


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