UK grocer offers strange new tea flavors: Brussels Sprouts and Pigs in Blankets


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I like Brussels sprouts, and I like tea. But I sure wouldn’t want to drink this stuff.


Do they have tea that tastes like KFC chicken?
It’s bag lickin’ good!


First the edible posterior opening of the digestive tract made from chocolate, now this …
Is this a plot to make me think that Brexit isn’t a terrible idea after all?


File under flavors that would be equally strange as condom flavors.

#6 Brussel sprout and bacon are deliciuous and easy to make. I wonder what happens mixing two bags…





Along with… tea?


I think I’ll just stick with my occasional bone broth.


My wife and I were discussing how to make a hot dog flavored tea, and then you have to post this.

Our idea was a tea with smoke flavor, coriander, and mace.


Broth? Or soup?


I think I’ll go back to coffee?

Please don’t ruin that!


How about kippers? Chicken vindaloo?

Geez, these sound disgusting. But then I don’t even like tea with fruit in it.



I was using this when recovering from some surgery & not able to eat much.

though not the cups style.




You see, this is why I hate the internet. It spreads too much bad US cultural hegemonic shit (‘shit’ as in ‘stuff’).

The Metro is a UK newspaper that ought to know a lot better than saying “in hopes that” which is an ugly, clumsy American English phrase, recently imported. There is only one hope here, and the phrase in proper UK English is “in (the) hope that”. More elegantly, the ‘journalist’ recycling the press release supporting this cheap publicity stunt, might to have written “Hoping to help anyone looking…”

Anyways, I could care less and now I’ve got it off my chest you can all get off my lawn - especially those coming here to protest my views. (WIll you protesting for or against them?)

Would you like a sarcasm tag? /s



Have you not heard of the trend of putting butter in coffee?

Or about tea topped with salted cheese?


I don’t think my Dr would have approved those options in recovery.