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What can be put on a pizza?

Realistic combos, please (no metal, rocks, etc)


:tomato: Hate the Chef, love the Condiments :hotdog:

I like both pineapple and anchovies on my pizza and think they go really well together.

When making my own, I’ve made breakfast pizza with bacon, fried egg, baked beans and ketchup.


Oh, you!


I like to take packets of Indian masala of various sorts and apply liberally, with some sauteed chicken, onion, spinach, garlic, whatever on top of a frozen pizza.

Taking a pre-made sauce for vindaloo or biryani also works, heated in a pan to make it easy to drip over the pizza.


A recipe I heard called for

  • guacamole
  • meatballs
  • whipped cream (pouring like waterfalls)


Now I’m thinking one of those Japanese curry sauces would make a nice substitute for tomato sauce. Top with breaded chicken and rice.


One of the best pizzas I ever had included goat cheese, blueberries, lemon zest and sorrel.


I like to throw on black olives, sauerkraut and extra cheese to frozen pizzas; my wife only likes the last additive.


Ham, pineapple, cherry and bananas. Otherwise known as the Hawaiian pizza of my youth.

Nobody makes it like that anymore, the place closed quite some time ago:

That is all.


My landlocked small-town South Dakota pizzeria-of-my-youth just closed down. Their special had tiny cocktail shrimp on it, and was cut in squares, despite being circular.

I haven’t eaten there in almost 30 years, but I had some awesome birthday dinners there in the 70s.


Sauerkraut on pizza is something I first encountered up in Minnesota’s iron range.

I take it for granted as a standard topping, more.


One of the best pizzas I ever had was at a neighbor’s house. It had a thin crust, with probably some olive oil on that. Topped with medjool dates, prosciutto, and a cheese that was fresh-seeming, not-strong, and strikingly white in color. Much later (months) I asked the host what cheese it was, and he had no recollection. I wish I knew. It was such a perfect combo. What do you suppose it was?



I have had this combination before. It was topped with burrata (fresh mozzarella with stracciatella and cream.) Is that the cheese you’re thinking of?


Hmm, I just looked up burrata and I don’t think that was it, because the cheese on the pizza wasn’t runny like the pictures of burrata. It was a soft but solid cheese, in slices. Maybe it could have been buffalo mozzarella?


I had it one place that used bacon, ham, pineapple, slivered almonds, and cinnamon. It was goooood.


I had curry-sauce pizza once in Japan. They like to top pizza with sweet corn, shrimp, and potato there, all of which are really good. But they tend to go a little heavy on the Kewpie mayo for my taste.


One of my wife’s favorites was from northern MN – wild rice n chicken pizza (I think that it had some sort of white sauce)


There’s a tourist area in Brussels, Belgium, called Rue des Bouchers, pictured here:

As you can see it’s wall-to-wall gingham tablecloths in front of samey restaurants with touts outside each establishment trying to drag people in.

It’s pretty tacky and crap, actually. But on a rainy night years ago, I ducked under an awning there and sat down. The menu was mostly fish, which I don’t go for much, and I was in the pizza mood anyway, so I asked for a vegetarian pizza…

I got a monstrosity covered in chopped carrots, broccoli, bits of sweet potato, and some chicory (which under the name witloof is a traditional kind of Belgian ingredient). While appreciating the effort, I gotta say, it was disgusting.


You can buy something similar in Tenerife, just without the cherries:

They also like eggs on pizza:

Come to think of it, huevos rancheros pizza is probably pretty amazing.