Creator of "Republicans shooting dildos" blog explains himself


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Some people take life too seriously. If rich white guys can’t take a joke, then who can?


And gun-fondlers insist there’s nothing kinky about their hoplophilia.


I’ve even had a guy say he’d love to shove his gun up my ass and pull the trigger so I got the full idea of how powerful his weapons are.

Bwahahahahahahahaha… I love how that was probably meant to sound tough, but comes out so incredibly insecure in the context.


I quite hope there’s some gunsmith out there taking an inspiration and working on an actual shooting-capable dildo. A single-shot shotgun could be easy enough for a weekend project.

Because that’s what I’d love to do.

There is significant anxiety element in gun ownership. Could work for some better than valium, doesn’t need dealing with doctors and usually doesn’t build up tolerance.


The lack of self awareness is stunning!

I bet he’d fail the Turing test


I don’t know if I’d say insecure, exactly, but it does sound a lot like some of the very homoerotic flirting I read on my kink sites, that’s for sure! Maybe it was just a somewhat flubbed pickup line?


We sure could use some tolerance-building in this context.


I’ve just realised that I have more experience of guns than of dildos.
There’s probably something wrong with that.

  1. Anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough.

  2. I think the Sling Shot guy has a better shot at delivering.


“Creator of “Republicans shooting dildos” blog explains himself”

No need for an explanation, I love you just the way you are.


And any old hole is a good place to stick it, if you’re a brave enough ammosexual. Ain’t that right, big boy?


Fire in the hole!

Yes, I said that.


Oh… you. Someone needs a hug.



Not that I don’t appreciate looking at her, but I don’t think my bosses would appreciate it.

Could we get some sort of NSFW flag on this gif? I don’t particularly like the sensation of reading through a BoingBoing thread and suddenly spraining my neck to make sure that there’s no one looking over my shoulder.


In a comment thread titled “Creator of ‘Republican shooting dildos’ blog explains himself?” Why would you think this thread wouldn’t be NSFW? (Depending on where you work, of course.)


My work really likes it when I look at such things.

J. Whitney Rumplefitz
Texas Dildos
Marketing and Social Media Team


Perhaps it’s merely a guilty conscience?

If prudes deserve your allegiance, you could probably just avoid topics with “dildo” in the title. I can understand that dildos might be too sexual for some people (somehow, despite not being alive…), but the photo of a clothed person fondling a rifle is merely suggestive.


This is the part that made me laugh the hardest. I know things have (thankfully) changed a bit there in the last decade or so, but The Wet Spots’ Texas Annie still comes to mind. (Insert NSFW here, in case it’s not obvious.)

Edit: Credit song to The Wet Spots.