Creepy clown thought to be wandering in Wisconsin was indie film marketing stunt


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Still, it’s nice to see that Tim Curry gets out once in a while.


“felt it was their civic duty to inform the media of what was really going on.”

LOL… this is so perfectly MN/WI passive-aggressive, it’s like a breath of fresh air. (I grew up in WI and now live in CA)


well of course it was. because what isn’t stealth marketing these days?


The GOP presidential campaign?

Oh, wait, nevermind, that’s stealth marketing for shitty clothing and golf courses…


There’s a euphemism I haven’t heard before.


I read far enough into Homestuck to find “Honk” one of the most terrifying sounds I can read.


It’s finished now if you want to make it to the end.


Forgetting to bookmark where I left off has saved me from temptation. :laughing:


This really makes me sad. I thought it was one of those “keep CITYNAME weird” things :frowning:


Wait, so the people who auditioned but didn’t get parts somehow knew about this secret clown business? Were they his frathouse buddies or something?


Huh? I assume that they saw the getup and he told them his plans.


The non-actors just happened to bump into the clown? Possible, I suppose.


…the clown is viral marketing for the horror movie. Why would it not be something they were aware of? They weren’t in the movie but would have been exposed to the suit and idea?


Well, that’s an easy problem to fix.

Just start from the beginning!

HONK. honk.


What makes it a hoax?

Wasn’t there actually a creepy clown hanging around town?


Sounds as if he only hung around in costume for the photo shoot, thus not something any locals would encounter accidentally, as it was initially portrayed.


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