Creepy ice ghost pareidolia


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No way. Remember what happened to Frosty?


It’s not pareidolia if it actually is what it looks like.


The gritty reboot of Frozen is looking promising.


I’m more worried about that giant white cat with the mismatched eyes looking out through the hole beneath the window.



“Heathcliff, it’s me, Cathy…”


That’s no cat - that’s a bear! Bowie came back as a bear!


Look guys, this cruelty humor thing has gotta stop sometime: just looking at the yellowish colour I can tell that ice wraith is clearly just looking to prolong it’s unnatural existence with a small donation of fresh, warm blood.
Somebody should have called reanimate wildlife control (R.A.W.C), and they’d take care of it.
As it stands, the poor thing is probably going to crunch it’s way into a shopping mall and eat a fake santa claus, and then have to be destroyed on site, probably with a sacred silver bullet to the head.


Yuki no Onna!

Do not invite her in!


The white peepers are coming man the wall!



Creepy is right! Reminded me of this tomb.


Thank you. I hate this word because it makes it seem as if there is some error in the way we are seeing. I like to call it Exctractionism - the recognition of a resemblance and its subsequent extraction and utilization. Think Constellations, droodles, biomimicry, and of course, the Old Man in the Peanut!


It’s a PareiDilly Bar.

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