Olaf as Disney princesses


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Another white Disney princess.


For some reason, these make me want to see Olaf done up like Margaret Thatcher. :smile:

She was more of a Disney villain than a princess.

I think it’s the facial resemblance, really. Something about the nose, and those beady coal eyes…

Although now I wanna see Olaf as various Disney villains too. Olaficent? Olafsula? Olafa de Vil? Mad Snowmadam Mim?

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Christ, what an asshole.

No, man.

I think you mean icehole.

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Perhaps also “Chrice’d”?

My English isn’t good enough to decipher that joke. It looks like a play on “Christ” and something else, but I donÄt get the something else.


My English isn’t good enough to decipher that joke.

I’m guessing that it’s a cross between “Christ” and “iced” with something like a greengrocer’s apostrophe thrown in for good measure.

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The apostrophe is chiefly there to emphasize the -ice structure and pronunciation, as “Chriced” doesn’t look it should be pronouned with an S sound, but rather a K sound, or at the very least with a distinct emphasis on the -ed sound, both of which ruin the rhyme.

Also, -'d is an alternative form of -ed often employed in poetry, but fulfilling the same exact role of forming the past tense in regular verbs. Common examples include remember’d, honor’d, labor’d, wander’d, et cetera.

Exactly -except: sunlight gets scattered by the ice crystals in the snow. The reflected light includes all colors, which looks (to our feeble human view-balls) white.

Science to the rescue!

It’s when you see colored snow (yellow?) that concern is warranted. :wink:

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Having not yet seen Frozen, I of course read that as “Oglaf (NSFW) as Disney princesses”. Different thing entirely.

Surely you should put a NSFW on that link, before the work week starts. We wouldn’t want anyone to get into trouble becuse they dont know what Oglaf is.

Ms. Cooper’s webcomic might be filthy smut, but it’s still far too classy to stoop to the level of Disney porn. :smiling_imp:

Olaf was amusing, yes, but “the greatest comic-relief sidekick in animated history” is a bit much.

I really enjoyed the movie…despite the fact I big doubts about it.

But Olaf wasn’t that great to me…other than a computer generated side kick morphic technology—which is really the character’s only purpose. There’s little the character does to move the story except for one song…which again is rather forced in the story.

But heck, it’s a Disney film…don’t knock your self out.

Will you please remind me who/what is Oglaf in Oglaf?

I vote for Mater, from Cars, or even Dory, from Finding Nemo.