Olaf costume hoodie




This does beg the obvious question: is there a sexy olaf costume out there somewhere?


Deep down, you already knew the answer to this, didn’t you?


Olaf hoodie? Eh.

But if they make an Oglaf hoodie, then I’m in like Flynn.


I really didn’t like Frozen. I thought it was boring with dumb songs. Seriously. I thought it was terribly overrated. The worst part, it seemed like the whole story took place in an afternoon. “Oh, I’m embarrassed, I’ll guess I’ll run off and get sexy, and make Dr. Manhattan’s house.” “Oh, sis! Why don’t you come back, and stop acting so tough and scary for some reason.” “Oh, alright.” “Hooray!” Sprinkle in some bullshit about trolls for no good reason, and you’re done. Now give me my billion dollars.


Have you ever seen “The Comedy of Errors” ? It’s yet another retread of the old “identical-twins mistaken for each other” trope. What ever happened to the good old days when we’d have a chrous on-stage and a god dangling from a crane? I ask you!


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