Creepy mannequin sold for £700


I’m sure it’s an investment. I know quite a few people who’d pay £700 just to have that thing taken away. So, set it up in their yard, then offer to remove it…for a price.

If I’ve learned anything from movies it’s that if the couple that bought the doll are found dead next week, BURN THE DOLL!


I’m glad that the tween girl mannequin above my computer desk isn’t that creepy. She’s rather jolly, with her head tilted back in a laugh. But she does have two left hands.

The angle shot from, and the fact that it’s a “nude”, seem to accentuate the uncanny-valley effect. I’m not sure it’s quite that odd when seen more normally.

“My name is Talking Tina, and you’d better be nice to me.”


Naked Chucky?

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