Creepy new spy camera is so small it could be hiding anywhere

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A camera that size would inevitably end up getting a picture of the inside of my digestive tract after I accidentally swallow it.


While I don’t expect any such regulation from the incompetents running the US, I can readily see the EU adopting regulations similar to those that exist in Tanya Huff’s Torin Kerr novels: concealed cameras, and cameras that are not obviously cameras, are banned by law.

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Are you sure you want pictures of your poop all over the internet?

Cameras aren’t that large anymore. That’s a (slightly used) toothpick end with a 2 Mpixel cellphone
camera attached. I get great shots of my teeth.


You don’t need a super-spy microdot camera to take sneaky video. Ask Mitt Romney.


Why? So the creeps who installed the camera can laugh at my choice of head gear?

Aluminum foil hats (not “tin”, silly) protect our brains from harmful cosmic rays, and keep the satellites from stealing our thoughts, but they don’t protect our egos from the harmful effects of derisive laughter, like I face on a daily basis.


Well, I’m not running for that title, but couldn’t you just add the camera to another object in which you hide those other parts? Like a 007 watch or piece of eyewear?

The problem with a camera that size isn’t that you need to make the rest just as small in order to not be recognised, but rather that the rest of the hardware doesn’t look like a camera…

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I’ll wait for when James Cameron films an entire adventure in his sinus cavities. Should be sometime next year, I figure.


Light powered? Stupid camera!

“Character is what you are in the dark.”


to put the record straight the concept is that if the quality is at the ceiling (16k tv)
you can zoom right into detail…
and that was there before digital native environments

What the hell is wrong with these engineers, really? I thought engineers swore an ethics oath to enter their profession; like those invisibility cloak assholes, the primary use case for their work will be abuse.

Available in the Boing Boing store. :camera:


If you can find it, it’s so tiny… :mag_right:

someone needs to start working on anti camera tech - I’m sure they’ll find a market


Maybe longer than that - first he has to miniaturise a submersible (and himself) and then develop a sinus-flooding humdinger of a common cold.

The rest of the image storage/transmission components don’t have to be so small, because they can be hidden inside something else, so miniaturizing them is not a critical problem. Only the camera lens/sensor needs to be exposed and can be connected to the back end with hair-thin wires, or short-range, low-power wireless.

The lense is no longer the limiting factor in hiding cameras so I don’t see that this changes anything

OK, stop me if you’ve heard of this…
A new Youtube adventure wherein we get to take a trip with a wifi enabled microbot (Simpsons did it!!) into the mouth and swallowed, and video ends where you’d expect it to… I see 100K subscribers for the sex episode…

(Eyes darting nervously) “Uh, yeeaahhh… THAT must have been how it ended up in my digestive tract.”