This portable security cam is super discreet, shots HD quality video, and offers first-rate peace of mind

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Good chance this will lead to far more heartache than peace of mind.


A super discreet camera to keep an eye on your children??


Yeah, “security”, yeah, that’s the ticket. :wink:


Well yeah, you wouldn’t want them playing with other children. Or maybe you would, but you’d want to catch and remember all the details…

BoingBoing ad ethics is continuing its dive to the bottom


Whether you want to keep an eye on your home or children,

Whether the cam is in a low light situation or even during full nighttime hours,

Whether you want to use the C2 as a home security camera, as a wearable body cam, or even

I swear the BBStore author is obsessed with that word.

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between this and the fingerprint lock earlier, this is turning into a banner day of embarrassment for boingboi… haha what am i saying? boingboing no longer has a sense of embarrassment

Error 301: Ad Ethics Moved Permanently to


Very unwoke video. We need a spy cam to discretely catch Hispanic looking men trying to break into cars? Wonder how many will wind up in dormitory bathrooms.



I’m starting to see the connection here

Boing Boing notice that’s two B’s

Big Brother that’s also two B’s

The conspiracy deepens

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This portable surveillance cam is super discreet, shoots HD quality video, and offers first-rate peace of mind

fixed it for you

let’s be sanguine about what we’re really doing when we put up cameras like this, shall we? cameras don’t make anything more secure, especially if they’re discreet


The camera inside a screw was better.


Peace of mind with every purchase.
Limit: one piece per customer. (Too much of nothing can make a man feel ill at ease).

Is that better or worse than keeping an eye on other people fucking without their consent? Because I am afraid that is the second most important use case for this kind of device, and not just in South Korea

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Hilarious that a few articles past this they are saying how bad revenge porn has gotten in the UK.

The internet is a system that feeds us to itself.

What’s the first? Seems like the only point of discreet cameras is to film people without their consent.

On a side note, I got mixed up in the pronouns and thought you were suggesting the fuckers were fucking without the consent of the cam owner. Which I guess is what @brokenwords was alluding to.

You all are overlooking the most valuable use for these devices: If I lived in the US, I would buy, like, a dozen of them and hand them out to my bretheren/sisteren, clip them to your lapel, your belt, or your tennis shoe and then head to the latest protest against police brutality.


Keeping an eye on children.

Thanks, now I finally understand what he was getting at. And that is indeed another one of the top three use cases.

To sum it up, this camera for watching people fucking - both with pleasure and with horror - and for keeping an eye on the outcome of all that fucking. And probably if they put it that way, they’d sell a lot more cameras. So it’s good that they don’t.

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Pretty sure they would be “accidentally” lost or broken upon your arrest. Streaming to cloud storage in a way that can’t be easily deleted is a feature you should have if that is your use case, and I don’t think these have it.

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