They'll never see this tiny camera hidden in a screw


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If they want to watch me take a shit go ahead


You can also purchase chewing gum on Amazon. Use it – chewed, of course – to cover over every screw head you see in a stall.


We’re screwed, I bet this will be used to watch people screwing, etc, etc…

Well, that’s out of the way…


I dunno, call me old school, but I’d have gone with:

“Yo, dog! I hear you like screwing. You can use this screw camera in place of a screw, so you can screw over people you caught screwing.”


Or use a multi-tool to give every screw a twist in both directions.


That would do it. I would advise caution, though: Don’t want critical screws to be left loose. Don’t want that stall door coming down in the middle of a colossal dump. Nope. Don’t want that.


It’s for catching intruders, I swear!
45 AM


That’s it – I’m carrying a magic marker everywhere I “go.”

So what do we do when there’s a clear gloss paint that guarantees 100 cameras/square foot, all wirelessly connected and integrated to form a 3D image?

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Shutterstock has got it covered.





These little cameras interest me because I want to build a dashcam like system for my commuting bike. But I have bought cheap cameras on line before and found their quality and reliability to be very poor.


This leaves me wondering- if this is what civilains can get tbrough mail order… what are actual spies using thats better than this?


But he’s coming out. That makes him an extruder, right?


Some guy wrote a book called “Little Brother”. In it, he explains who to detect hidden cameras.


That depends on their procurement model.

If they’re allowed to “Skunk Works” their Q division toys straight from the leading edge drawing boards to new equipment, then they’ll be years ahead.

If they have to go through proposals to budget requests to approval process and then private contractor companies, in governmental ISO 9000 style, then they’ll be years behind and hugely expensive.


I suspect that the build quality is considerably better; and they probably have a selection of options in terms of internal storage/other video outputs/wireless transmission, etc. but with cameras of this size I’d be a trifle surprised if the state specials are all that much more impressive than the commercially available ones.

As with microprocessors; small digital cameras are produced in enormous volume for commercial applications; and the technology to produce the best ones is ruinously expensive unless you are building them in that enormous volume. If you are paying a premium, you can probably get ones binned for atypically good linearity, no hot pixels, etc. and perhaps some better packaging options; but it is less likely that you can get something notably better than the high end of whoever the current premium vendor of smartphone camera modules is.

(This is less true of large cameras, which are mostly purchased by astronomers(if pointed up) and spies(if pointed down) with the latter having most of the money.)


See, I was thinking more in the way of gait analysis, eye-in-the sky surveillance, real time paper trail tracking, more wide angle kinda stuff. Unless you have prior access to exactly the right spot at the right time, this kind of view seems unlikley to generate useful intel.


Ain’t nobody got time for that. When I gotta go, I gotta go.


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