This endoscopic camera helps diagnose problems in small spaces

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Does it have barbs?


I’ve never bought one of these because sellers never provide sample images actually taken with the camera, just photos of people using it.

Why is that, I wonder?


they don’t know how to use a micro set-up probably

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I’m so out of touch that I don’t even know what a micro set-up is!


I used to use this but is not a professional set up…
but worked up to close enough… :slight_smile:


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Even a phone is useful for a look behind stuff where you can’t stick your head. That came in handy when i was replacing the taps on the laundry room sink. Use a selfie stick to get a look in those eves-troughs for leaves and junk.


Thats a good idea, though maybe I don’t want to have to explain why I am carrying a selfie stick on an inspection.

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Most sticks are telescopic collapsible. For all they know, it’s a Nazi coat hanger.


I searched for some cheaper stuff on Ebay:

The cheapest, $4 including shipping:

This one ships to the US:

The cheapest wifth WIFI, $12.4 including shipping:

That one has similar specs to the Boingboing store offering, but with Ebay’s cheapest you get what you get. At least you can always get your money back.

As a sidenote, damn is Ebay annoying to search because of the possibility to set pricing like this “1.30 to USD 42.49” with multiple options. The cheapest option just being an USB cable of course.

Edit: changed the cheapest option for one with a micro usb adapter
Edit 2: added one that ships to the US and changed the WIFI one for one with more modest shipping charges

Could I use this to find an alarm clock that has been stuck in my wall for 13 years?
It is only 3m long but I could attach a string to it…



Perfect for Sam Fisher cosplay.

Customers who buy this also buy… “Roll of 50 ‘For Rectal Use Only’ Stickers.”


Well played, Johnson, well played.

“Good morning, Gastroenterology Associates-”
“Hi, I’m calling to cancel my appointment.”


[image of rounded Brillouin gap cartridge fit to the camera and lighting, about the focal length of the lens]
[image of a series of nontoxic, pliable clear pillows]
[72’ fish tape and a big ol’ magnet-set glass…] nah
[Jungle house ASMR mp3 of Barry White singing “You’ll never find…[indecipherable]”]

Hey, did you see that study where Parkinsons’ Lewy Bodies come from endocrine cells in the gut? No? There wasn’t a link! That’s what I’m having! [Plus some dairy and w00!]

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“A boon to DIY colonoscopists on a budget!”

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I’m very interested in getting a cheap borescope. So it is with some disappointment that I have to note: the first product, for some reason, does not ship to the United States. The second is 6.99 plus $19.99 shipping (which is still a deal, but deception like this makes me lose confidence in the product’s quality).

Sorry. Like I said, searching those lowest prices on Ebay is pretty annoying now because of the pricing options. I did not notice the shipping charges or they changed. Anyway it is a rookie mistake fumbling with the shipping charges like that.

Although I agree it is dishonest, I can’t really blame the Chinese sellers for playing with the shipping charges. I’m under the impression that they don’t have to pay Ebay fees for the shipping charges and their margins must be razor thin.

Here’s a couple of cheap ones that ship to the US:

And here’s one with WIFI: