This endoscopic camera helps diagnose problems in small spaces

Buying an endoscope on banggood seems fitting.

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Har har.

Nothing against Banggood, but for the myriad Chinese shops I would recommend a price search engine:

I have found that most often the cheapest Ebay seller is cheaper than the shops. The shops have the advantage of (sometimes) having reviews of the items.

I have several, all different types. Even one that allows the use of surgical tools out the end, and is steerable. But I use a cheap USB one pretty regularly.
It is pretty solid for the cost.

Can’t wait for the Endoscopic Camera Youtube channel.

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Great for that frustratingly narrow gap between the iron doors to that 200 year old tomb in a historic Boston graveyard.


Or Google Gutview with 360 endoscopes.


i believe there is already a pornhub channel

Google Microbiome

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