Use this $18 USB borescope for looking in walls, or other tight places


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You can just come out and say it. We’re all friends here. You’re sticking it in your butt.


wonder if it would work with an iPad using a lightning to USB female adapter?


You know that if Ubisoft were collaborative and open-sourced, that’s the first thing Sam Fisher would do.

Lambert: That was pretty tight. You still breathing?
Fisher: Doing my best.


Damn, I don’t have an Andorid or compatiable phone.


I will be disappointed if Rob doesn’t get one of these


@jlw ordered!


Now you can find that fleshlight you can’t crap out…


You’re the reason why manufacturers don’t honor warranties anymore.


Recreational colonoscopies for everyone!


On the plus side, I can finally come with software for Windows.


I have been looking for something like this for a few little projects.

  1. 2.2 MP though is really not very good. I got that USB microscope BB recommended. And for the price I like it, but wish it has at least 5MP.

  2. If you scroll down it looks like they have the same thing for $5 cheaper.

  3. Anyone know what the OD of the camera is? If it would work for a bore scope for a .22" barrel, I might pull the trigger on it. .30" might be acceptable.


Looks like it’s 8.5 mm - so too small for a .22" ID cylinder.

There exist 5.5 mm ones, which might just do (.22" is about 5.59 mm)


Cool, now I don’t have to go get that colonoscopy.


Har har, colonoscopies sure are hilarious aren’t they? Until you have to get one. There’s a lot more involved than just shoving a camera up your ass. Even if you’re psychologically comfortable with people looking inside your butt, it’s a challenging procedure. Even on a Fentanyl cocktail it’s damned uncomfortable.

But ho ho, butts are funny!


Thanks. The Resolution is still crap though :frowning: At this point I don’t even NEED a bore scope, just thinking if I get something like that I may as well get something I COULD use as a bore scope.


Eddie Murphy approves of this comment.


Is there a badge for buying your 3rd Boing Boing suggested item? :laughing:


Indeed so. Very unpleasant things.

(butts are funny though)


Yes. Amazon will get that to you.