This flexible camera pinpoints problems at the source

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Yep. And the problem with that peach, is that it appears to be a lemon. :wink:


For jobs that don’t involve snaking an endoscope into tight cracks, a phone on an extending selfie-stick can be pretty darn handy. (Like finding the clogged A/C drain hose under my car so that my rear passenger floor doesn’t flood. Yes, it’s a Ford.)

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Just in time for that drop in the age of suggested colon cancer screening from 50 to 45!


Why does the Boing Boing Shop keep pushing home colonoscopy gear?


You were saying?

This is going to end up in somebody’s arse, isn’t it? I just know it’s going to go up someone’s arse.


Came for variations on defective lemon posts, not disappointed.

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It’s like a cousin to rule 34; if it exists, someone has tried to put it in their ass.


Dang, you beat me to it!


I just bought a USB OTG endoscope on eBay for like six bucks.

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“… cleaning under the fridge…”

If it requires an endoscope for me to see the dust, I can safely leave it be.

Endoscope really is a word designed for Carry On Films, “Endoscope, ooh, Matron. More like in-your-end-o-scope!”


I picked one of these up on Amazon for £10 last week.
I’ve not tried it up my arse yet, but I have tried sticking it my nose, and in my ear.

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Just look at that banana!

Ooh, I need one of those next time I’m checking behind walls for mold damage. -Gary at

Well, I look through this tiny camera, and all I see are tiny hands.

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