This endoscopic camera helps you find problems at their source

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Are you man enough to do your own colonoscopy?


Just so we’re clear, you’re advertising a device to be inserted into the body. I know what a fan you all are of dumb lawsuits, but do you really want to tempt fate?


Instructions unclear; examined wrong moon.


Cool! I can finally emulate the Mad Scientists’ Club!

(The real reason those Civil War statues should be removed: They might be members of Harmon’s gang!)


with a boroscope, beschizza can try his hand at safe cracking.


…is there light at the end of the tunnel otherwise it going to be dark

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Waterproof Endoscopic Camera

/Whistles innocently.

Well, that is what it says. Sure, maybe it’s just some linguistic drift, where the popular usage of the word has diverged from its original, medical usage in a slightly problematic way if you want to do some DIY colonoscopies. Or maybe it is what it says it is, despite the fact that it has a large end bit that you wouldn’t find in a medical-grade endoscope. Maybe you just have to be highly selective about what orifices you insert it into.

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Up your endoscope.

At least select the right sized drill bit!


It’s got WiFi, too, so you can broadcast video of your colon to all your neighbors! Don’t complain when they call you an asshole, though.


WiFi where the sun don’t shi’?

They shipped you the innuendoscope by mistake.


Orificewise, they’re quite useful for having a look at your back teeth. But that pretty much needs to be its first use. You’re not wanting that thing in your mouth once you’ve started investigating the usual targets, no matter how Lady Macbeth you are about washing it.

In your endo!

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If only…

Only if you want it bad enough.

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