Watch this impressive demo of a new probe camera lens

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This review seems rather evenhanded.

$1500, though.

It looks like a weird selfie stick

That’s pretty cool. I kinda want one now. You’re right Andrea, that second video is pretty awful.

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I want to insert a slide whistle sound effect every time they use it…


I am literally salivating.

Okay, drooling.

Huh? I’m pretty sure you could buy kit like that 25 years ago.
IIRC, there was a shop in Munich that made and sold it.

It’s a rigid borescope. They have been around for a while for mechanical inspections. They have quite good depth, partly because the aperture is small, so everything is nearly at inifinity. See…

This one seems to use graded-index cylindrical lenses, so it’s probably a good one. Probably needs quite a bit of light, though.

The tiny light ring is the bit I like best.

Time to lookup Adafruit Industry, and maybe see what they got in stock to build a decent Z axis slide

Think of all the B roll footage of tiny, tiny things you have seen on TV and in films, and you get an idea of how much fun you can have with macro photography.
one of my favs is a slide across the workings of a pocket watch while it’s spinning and ticking away. When that image fills the screen in perfect focus, you can’t help but notice the intricate details like giant screws that are actually only a millimeter in size

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