Secret camera found in Starbucks bathroom

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Do these work?


If bathrooms in SBs and other places had them installed to turn on with the bathroom light perhaps.


Sure appears to be this (sans bottle):

So, no Wi-Fi that I can see.


Interesting because it means you can catch them coming back because they have to retrieve it. Can’t leave it in knowing there would be more victims but too bad the opportunity to catch whovever did this was blown.

“Our hidden camera caught you trying to retrieve your hidden camera.”


Welcome to ubiquitous surveillance. Whether organized (cops / corps) or free-form (indy pervs), you are totally recorded. And it’s only just begun. Cf Vernor Vinge for logical extrapolations. That flight of gnats are really spybots.

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One might optimistically hope that the responsible party is one such youthful scamp unaware of the ramifications of such an action.

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I was wondering, because I was recently shopping for “nanny cams” and that shit is expensive.

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