Hidden camera allegedly found in bathroom on American Airlines flight

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If a passenger saw the camera, did they attempt to remove it?

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Sounds like maybe the girl saw it and told her mom, who then came running up to warn others. Seems like he was specifically targeting the girl.





Gross. Sounds like his behavior might have tipped her off that something wasn’t right. Glad she figured out what was going on and reported it. Hope this was his first attempt but if he was carrying a camera for this purpose it probably wasn’t.


Who washes their hands BEFORE gathering up the trash? :thinking:


The source article isn’t linked…
…was there any evidence, beside the testimony of the victim?
Was the camera, footage or something else found by the victim or investigators?

The story isn’t linked but also isn’t hard to find. Here’s a source for you:

Details are scarce, but the incident ended in a flight attendant being taken off the plane by law enforcement. Until we know more, I don’t see any reason to doubt the allegations.

Is the testimony of the victim insufficient to begin an investigation?


Totally agree. Call the police, let them investigate. No issue with how it’s being handled.
Just wondering if there is any physical evidence as well. From the article, all that’s stated is the attendant used the bathroom before and after the guest. Wondering what else besides suspicious behavior warranted the arrest.

All the article says is that he was escorted off of the plane. That’s not necessarily an arrest, but it is detention. If they investigate and find nothing he will be released and free to go. I suspect airport security have greater leeway in apprehending people than other police.

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