Hidden camera pointing at a bed found in a passenger's room on Carnival cruise


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Unless there was an obvious detail they are omitting–like “it wasn’t plugged in”–I’m not sure how they can say that they know it wasn’t working before they removed it.


Taking a cruise shortly. Hoping to score a free camera out of it now.


Start with the screws.


Holy crap!


Rule 34…and people suffering from e. coli. That’s how I envision these pirated videos.


this is why I always carry this


Shit. You don’t need a cruise for that. Just go rent a hotel room for a night.


My money would be on a previous occupant of the same room who streamed the surreptitious video to an also hidden DVR (aka laptop computer or phone) and then forgot to take the camera when disembarking.


Maybe they checked the ship’s cabin camera logs?


No doubt the staff are hard pressed changing the linen &c to get the ship ready for the next cruise to have time to search for itty bitty cameras.


My first step wouldn’t be to hand it in to Carnival security.

Depending on the tools I had with me, I’d try to hack the other end of the camera’s connection. Worst case, I’d drop it on the floor and step on it. Who’s going to complain?


Big Brother likes to watch.


Check the smoke detectors. Just sayin’.


I’d wager the previous occupants installed the camera to watch their cabin belongings on their phones to keep Carnival staff honest…or…recorded their previous lovemaking Sessions, only to watch them repeatedly over the endless buffet on the poop deck.


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