Carnival Cruise came with secret camera in couple's bedroom


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Don’t book the “Facebook-Package”.


I thought about a pun with carnival or carne vale, but I can’t really flesh it out.


Carnal-full Cruise Line


In a statement to USA TODAY, Carnival acknowledged a “video transmitter” was found during a full investigation by the shipboard team, but notes it “was not connected to an electrical source and not capable of recording.”

I think they’re missing the point.


Camera left over from the prior week’s “Bon Voyeur Cruise”


It’s OK. They just want to keep an eye on you while you get the coronavirus.


I thought this sounded familiar.


That’s what they get for booking an all-invasive cruise.


How very plausible. Also, it was made of cheese, and could only take pictures of adorable kittens. If it could. Which it couldn’t.


A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again…


If they aren’t doing anything wrong, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.


Found in a bundle of wires by the tv…not hooked up…not powered.

Could it be someone just forgot their camera and were using the TV to view images?


Ok, so an abandoned camera was found in the room. If I was the folks in that room, I’d be more concerned about why the previous occupants of that room were under covert surveillance.


This doesn’t make much sense logistically. Those walls are steel. Someone watching the camera would have to be in the next room…and then they might not even get a signal.
The thing that comes to mind is that maybe it was a family with adjoining rooms keeping an eye on the kids, because the range on those things through a bulkhead would be a few feet if at all.

Also. Hey Free Camera


:musical_note: Carnival cruises are hot, hot, hot. :musical_note:


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