Device found on New York-bound plane forces emergency landing in Kansas City


Hopefully the idiot/creep left enough info on it that he can be identified.

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Oh ew.


“Security officials, including the FBI in Kansas City, were working to determine who owns the device.”

In a related story, documents from Edward Snowden reveal the NSA listed airplane bathrooms as possible meeting places for terrorists.


OMINOUSLY taped to the bathroom wall, before they edited the article

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What an interesting use of the word “force.” We’re not actually required to live in a state of panic twelve years after 9/11. It’s optional.

Even back then, I didn’t understand the logic that patriotic Americans had to demonstrate pants-wetting terror in order to fight terror. But why do we still live that way now?


This makes me wonder how many times this camera setup has been deployed and recovered undetected.

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I’m sure there’s a website somewhere that subspecializes in this particular flavor of creepy voyeurism. Shudder. (Not going to look for one.)


Perverts gonna perve.

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I’m not familiar with the investigative techniques of the feds, and I have no idea what evidence was recovered, but after reading the story, I have no idea why the feds would conclude at this early stage that the device was planted by a passenger when a crew member could have also easily planted the device.

I suspect the first minute of the video will show the person who planted the camera…

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Wow; I really thought Rule 34 might have missed this one, but no – google for “mile high upskirt club” and hold onto your butts…

Just wondering how effective of a bomb would fit inside a thumb drive. Seriously. If it was a creepy-perv cam, ok, that’s creepy pervy. But, given how “tech-savvy” we are all sposed to be these days, couldn’t somebody just have flushed it down the toilet? God, I’m sick of this shit.


Now the TSA will have the right to detain you because thumb drive.

In this instance I agree with aborting the flight. Somebody was playing funny-buggers and the crew were right to be suspicious. Nobody thought box cutters were a threat until they were.

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The FBI now says the device was taped to the bathroom ventilation duct and contained a small camera."

Wouldn’t you think the NSA would give the FBI a heads up on their data-gathering activities? They’re supposed to be on the same side, dammit.


I agree the last person I want making a decision like this is a flight attendant. Find some strange hidden electronic device land the plane. For all they know it could have been some kind of wireless trigger.

If someone had smuggled a bomb the size and shape of a USB drive/camera onto a plane, why would they then leave it in plain sight to be discovered? If it actually worked, and I’m assuming it wouldn’t, then it may as well detonate in the cabin. Everything’s a threat if you’re paranoid.

Let this be a lesson to all perverts everywhere - your threats to our national security will not stand! Also, this will happily have a chilling effect for other airborne voyeurs.