Creepy weather event momentarily turns day into night in Istanbul (video)

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TIL that Istanbul has Midwestern weather.


Fairly common around the Chesapeake Bay in the Summer.

Sailing turns scary very fast out there sometimes.


Creepy weather event is a cloud?

Well, that’s terrifying, said the Englishman, never seen a cloud like that before.



“That’s nobody’s business but the Turks”
(sorry, not sorry)



I remember one hitting Newcastle (fuck, I think it was more than a decade ago. I am old). It was mental. Like a gigantic black mountain in the sky. People were kayaking down the street, manhole covers were being launched into the air, and all the wheelie bins took off down Westgate road like a bunch of really shit daleks, which was hilarious.

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Had one in my hometown of Alkmaar last year. The sky turned a dark gray-green, like we were underwater. It was dramatic and beautiful and I was glad to live in a second floor apartment.

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Sounds like a tornado. Was the air so still (‘close’) just before the gray-green?

You get similar clouds occasionally rolling in off Lake Erie. They are more common in mid summer, but the most apocalyptic feeling ones are in the early winter. The first winter after my wife moved here, we had a storm that came on like that, but came with thundersnow and high winds. She was reasonably convinced that the world was ending.

I don’t think so; we don’t really get tornadoes here as far as I’m aware, and I can’t remember what the wind was doing so it probably wasn’t that weird. I think it was “just” a big rain storm.

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