Creepypasta, the new keystroke in horror


Going? Shouldn’t it be past tense?

I object to the idea that Slender Man is the first open-source monster. Wouldn’t essentially all traditional monsters fall into that category? Trolls, ogres, vampires, succubi, strangers poisoning Halloween candy?


I originally parsed that as horror shaped noodles. Cthulu noodles, it’s whats for dinner!


This article inspired me to turn the ghost story I wrote meta (it will probably be a few months before it’s done).

I’m the guy quoted in the article who made the remark about Slenderman as ‘the first open-source monster’. I take your point to a degree re. other folk creatures, but the 2 aspects which make Slendy’s origin unique and worth describing as such comes down to two factors:

Unlike the other folk monsters, Slendy’s creation was a conscious, collaborative, networked process which anyone who wished to could join in - pretty much the definition of open-source as an approach. (A part of Will’s interview with me covered how the forums which gently police the canon for each 'pasta bears a striking similarity to the kind of “cocktail party rules” Hakim Bey uses to describe the internal decision-making structures of Temporary Autonomous Zones.That’s a very open-source solution to the problem.)

Secondly, it was the first one created after the term was coined! (Though I see that as a minor aspect, honestly.)

Thanks for commenting.

Thanks for clearing that up! Makes sense.

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