Cries of 'Active Shooter' evacuated a terminal at LAX and disrupt air travel nationwide

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If the arsehole shouting “active shooter” wasn’t paid by Putin or Xi he was a fool. This is how fragile these systems are.


something something freedom of speech something


I’ll lay odds that this asshole had arrived on a flight and wasn’t waiting to board.


“Operations resumed after the scare, which appeared to stem from an altercation between two men who were detained by Los Angeles Airport Police Division officers”

“Officers were called about 7:30 p.m. to Terminal 1, according to an airport official. One of the two men apparently felt threatened, possibly believing the other had a weapon, said Lt. Karla Rodriguez, an airport police spokeswoman.” -NBC

Sounds more like a B movie about 3rd rate assassins.


I’d be surprised if this wasn’t a radicalized fear.

I spent 3 hours wednesday catching up on overdue workplace trainings, including “Active Shooter” and I must say as a certificate-of-completion holder, I don’t think preemptively shouting the phrase “Active Shooter” was in the curriculum. A colleage dressing “disheveled” and not being chipper about their wage slavery were considered warning signs that should be reported to management though, so grains of salt with that retired-fascist-pseudo-consultant-written horseshit.


I’m bemused by the term “active shooter”. What other kind of shooter is there? If he isn’t active, he’s just a guy with a gun, right? Either you’re an active shooter or you’re no shooter at all.

Just say “shooter”.

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You are still a “shooter” even after the Swat sniper has put a bullet in your head.

Clearly not enough good guys with a gun to keep this from happening /s

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Either you’re an active shooter, or you’re just a passive victim (except iin cases where the term victim might be construed as to disparage the reputation of the active shooter.)


Wow, I get our companies use the same provider for training about these things.

Also, I learned to hide in a locked room with the lights off, but be prepared for life or fighting if and only if there’s no way to retreat.

Also, my business is now has a greater than 90% WHF population, so…


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