Criterion Channel under fire for unexplained edit in "The French Connection"

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Of all the disco-era objectionables in this film they decide to censor one instance of the N word?

Honestly, I think Disney did it best. Air/publish/release the art as original, and include a statement at the beginning explaining that it was a product of its time and does not reflect modern attitudes.


I didn’t care for the way Disney censored Splash when they released the movie on streaming though. Darryl Hannah put way too many hours in at the gym to have her magnificently toned butt covered up with horrible CGI hair extensions. They made it look like she had a tribble wedged in her ass crack.


Well that is positively criminal.


That’s what frightened the Klingons most about tribbles.


One of my favorite moments of the film was watching The Three Degrees do their lounge act. Catchy tune!


Disney bought The Criterion Collection? That’s news to me.


This is a big part of why I have psychical media and I just bought an older copy of “THE FRENCH CONNECTION” on Blu-ray from E-BAY. Streaming services can edit content all they want, but I’m gonna keep adding to my collection. I’m a grown @ss adult and I’ll decide what I wanna watch and what is or isn’t appropriate, thank you very much.


Sometimes they do edit stuff out though, even when they include that statement saying that they’re showing it unedited. One prominent example is the version of Fantasia currently on Disney+. They did a number of significant edits to remove the most egregious of the racial caricatures from the film (which was the right call, IMHO) but still claim that it’s unedited, which just ain’t true.

There’s also smaller things they’ve done like the removal of Pecos Bill’s cigarette.

As long as the original versions of important films are still accessible in archives for film historians and anthropologists I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, but it would definitely be better if all these edits were at least disclosed and acknowledged.

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I’d like to see them try that with Blazing Saddles.


I saw that movie on TV as a kid and I’m fairly certain it was significantly edited for broadcast.

That trailer … boy. I’d forgotten how much '70s trailers were basically mini versions of the entire movie.

I think one airing silenced the farts in the campfire scene. That really destroys that bit.

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