Crocodile attacks car, ripping off a big piece of it


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Looks to me like the croc was defending itself.



The car was clearly a Thug and had it coming.


This looks like an alligator (from the coloring, rounder snout), which in the circumstances is likely protecting young/a nest.

What a little beauty!!!


This particular one, no doubt – though admittedly the coverage is a bit spotty. The real question is whether the car was covered for croc attacks.


Just lucky it wasn’t a flock of kea. Keas?


It is most definitely an alligator.


Aw yeah, look at that smile!


Remember when cars were made of metal?


It’s a safety feature. The alligator might have hurt its teeth if the car had been made sturdier.


Alligator or crocodile?
Australia or Florida?
I want the truth!


Little known fact: Florida has both Crocs and gators! :slight_smile:

Apparently there is a dam in the everglades that they both like to sun themselves on, the crocs on the seaward side and the gators on the swamp side, and it is supposedly the only place both are normally present. I haven’t made it there yet, but it is on my list!

(That fender and bumper cover being plastic worked out for the guy; cheaper and easier to replace, and it’s just trim, so he can still drive it home. :slight_smile: )

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