Police notice alligator foot dangling out of Florida man's car dash, and bust him for killing it


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It’s just a cell phone holder, sir.


I was hoping it was plastic. :disappointed:


Ladies and Gentlemen: Florida!


“dat ain’t alli’gator, dat only be part’degator.”


I’m betting that it did NOT taste like chicken.


@Mindysan33 must be busy in meatspace. Hope she won’t mind if I do the honors…



It’s like a SyFy special based on Ed Gein/Psycho.


both alligator and crocodile are a delicious white light flakey meat somewhere between chicken and fish. i have to say they are both quite tasty. I’m sure they’d think the same of me.


Having tasted rattlesnake, I’d have to agree.


Funny, I found rattlesnake to taste between greasy chicken and oily fish - almost exactly like reptile.


I smell a new Carl Hiaasen novel. Or a touching short film about a boy who receives the gift of a baby alligator that’s missing one foot.


I’d say Florida Man had a leg up, but it really looks like he got off on the wrong foot.


Honestly Reportedly, we’re a little gamey.


#FloridaMan meme:


Wait - couldn’t he put a stick on it and claim it was a novelty back scratcher?


Hey, as long as it’s posted!


Are you trying to malign the ukulele? :wink:


Possibly blasphemous on Scalzimas, although Scalzimas is probably inclusive of blasphemers, so not damned if you do and not damned if you don’t. Durn confounding humanists :yum: