Florida man who threw alligator into Wendy's "just a prankster"


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If your mom saying “he’s just a prankster” was a get out of jail free card, think how much money would be saved on the criminal justice system.


Now if it had been something harmless, like an AR-15…


“Alligators don’t bite people, people bite people…” Oh wait, that doesn’t help anyone in this case…


Throwing one of those at someone would make for a rather odd prank, that’s for sure.


“It’s not funny,” I said, folding my arms and frowning, and absolutely not giggling at the idea of a deadly flying alligator.


That leads me to an idea. Crossbow that’d shoot AK47s.

It’s a bit derivative idea, though.


His mom has a weird definition of the word “harmless”.


They often let the a few little gators run free at the gator farms. Maybe he just wanted some fresh fried gator. I’d be more freaked out about giant spiders… #Florida


Look - he’s just’a good ol’ boy, never meanin’ no harm. abuses some animals, been in trouble with the law for aggravated assault.


Again Florida.
What IS it with Florida?


WENDY’S STAFF: “Damn you, kid! We just finished sweeping all the alligators out of this place!!”



Wasn’t it said that if the War on Drugs was ever successful the economy of Florida would revert to a Third World one?


He should face additional charges for having possession of a ridiculous Sean Penn bouffant hairdo.


Remove two words in the headline and the first sentence and you get a proper Florida Man story:

##Florida Man who threw alligator into Wendy’s, “just a prankster,” says mom


He did it cause there’s no F in ‘onion rings.’


May be a prankster but he’s also a nimrod.

Can the sea rise over Florida any faster please?


I just wanted to say, I love the expression “nimrod”.


I do too. It has been my word of the week.