The alligator-for-beer video needs sound!


Aw, why you gotta go spoiling our sport like that?

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Reply too Jerry_Sneede:


Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman [quote=Jorge Pino] "I have never experienced anything like this in 25 …[/quote]

Police where called, an arrest made. Seems real.

Do you suggest the whole routine was an elaborate rouse for a YouTuber too increase views and get mega rich off YT subscribers?

Well, as usual I have killed the show.

Cue Showdow Puppets.

I nominate the following insanity.

I thought Yakety Sax was traditional

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Boots Randolph.

Entre, set-up, bicker, wait, police enter, hilarity ensues > fade out

This story hits home about a new immigrant and future citizen too my city/country, whom was killing ducks at the water front and putting them into a large bag. Out raged citizens contacted law enforcement. They took his ducks away. He needed a translator and the trans said he 'wanted too eat the ducks, not murder them."

He was not charged , only fined, due too the gravity of assimilation.

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