Man tries to swap alligator for beer (video!)


Why did he imagine that the clerk would . . . want an alligator?

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Saw the headline on BBS, already knew the story was gonna be from Florida…


Simple taxonomy mix-up. He just wanted to get crocked.


Man, if you can’t trade 'gators for beer, you’re not really free, are you? What’s happened to this country, Jay-Bob?


a $500 fine for “taking possession and selling an alligator, which is a second-degree misdemeanor.”

Oh crap! [quietly flushes investment alligator down toilet]

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We can deduce the culprit was offering the alligator as “cheap meat” at the meat/deli counter in the market/store.

While his attire was casual his sales pitch was spot on. “Come on hom’s. Give me some serveza for this alligator. No body is going too know its not chicken, tastes just like chicken. You going too ask your manager? Ok I wait.”

It also says the culprit is tatto’d , 67 yr in the CNN article and 64 yr in the youtube description of video. Maybe it was in a box and he took it out for 'Displaying Ware" when he entered the store.

As a last ditch bid, he was willing too settle for just a 12 pack of Gatorade.

A late entry in the “What Could Possibly Go Wrong Awards 2013” - could be a winner!

You still use Bulletin Board Systems? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m typing this from 1988.


Oooh, I want a time machine. :wink:

I’ve eaten gator before and it IS very good, and I guess could pass for chicken - but as far as I know, the only good meat is in the tail.

Without sound, it kind of looked like he was robbing the place at alligator-point.

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If he wore a featherd fedora, shades and trench coat hawking gater tails, perhaps it would bean less conspicuous.

Yeah, unless you like haggis.

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