Reward offered to anyone who can remove the tire around this poor crocodile's neck

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That Croc needs a spa day and a tire removal, any takers?


What could possibly go wrong?


If I only knew the reward covered the plane flight. I have no wife or kids, so no big loss if I become crocodile kibble.


Oh sure, help this guy. But I know another croc who swallowed a clock and has been ticking for 75 years! Where’s HIS GoFundMe page?


Is this some kind of “Darwin Awards” test or something?


He didn’t get it stuck. He’s wearing it as a trophy to commemorate the last time a Land Rover full of tourists ventured too close.


It’s stories like this that make me really miss Steve Irwin… He would show up, free the croc, and then film it for all of us to share in the joy of taking care of our world…



A motorcycle tire.

Maybe a Harley guy could help?

I went to zoo camp because I’m a nerd.

They had blow guns to sedate some animals. Could you sedate the croc? Or maybe find it sleeping and inject it?

If anyone wants to put together a team, hit up the DMs


The crocodile was found to have survived the tsunami and earthquake that had struck Central Sulawesi’s capital city, Palu, in 2018

I assume it survived by eating those who did not survive the tsunami and earthquake

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Use a pole to insert a long piece of wire saw through the tire with a large loop at its end. Quickly grab the loop with another pole with a hook at its end. Saw through the tire. Maintaining tension could be a problem if the animal chooses to attack rather than flee, but I imagine that a couple of other boats with poles, ropes or bait could maneuver it so as to allow effective cutting of the tire.

  1. Feed it a turkey. (Everyone knows you fall asleep after eating turkey.)
  2. Remove tire.
  3. Profit!

Maybe if that Lockpick Lawyer Guy could just look at it?


This my be a naive question, but wouldn’t it be simpler to sedate it, remove the tire and then make sure it was safe until the sedative wore off?

That seems safer for both the crocodile and the people than offering a reward.

Is adult crocodile skin too tough for a tranquilizer dart?


Maybe @Bobo has some insight here, but I’d guess that sedating crocodiles is not something that’s easy or safe - for either human or animal.


This reminds me of a very bad joke.
If this also reminds you of it, you are a bad person too.


Nope. That croc is 3 times my size.

How do you tranquilize a croc though? I could cut it off if it’s in deep sleep.

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You generally have to restrain crocodilians to anesthetize them. Darts work, but crocodiles have a renal portal system, so you have to inject the front end of the body (i.e. the bitey end). Also, if you dart one in the water, they can drown when the drugs start to kick in. Also, darts can bounce off osteoderms… So… people tend to use pole syringes (think a spear with a syringe on the tip) after getting the animal away from water, and blocking it from returning. Then it’s the fun waiting game, where body temperature adds to the fun “when is the really dangerous animal going to go down, and is it just now really tired, and capable of lashing out, or is it really down?” game.

Man zoomed is never boring.

edit: Holy crap! that is a big croc. Also in the wild. Also, not likely to get trapped on land easily. Also, you’d have to be mad to try to pole syringe that thing.


Nope. No way. That’s a crossply. I only do steel belted radials.

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