Crocodile strands man on island


Dear Don McLoed, heroic rescuer -
“He was desperate for water when I trotted up. We gave him a cold beer…”
Thank you so very much for continuing to fulfill my Aussie stereotype expectations!

Also, good on you for the rescue!


Stuck for 2 weeks? He couldn’t carry or drag his kayak around the crocodile’s territory?

Doesn’t look like a large island to me. Don’t see how one could outrun a crocodile there, if it’s really stalking.

Or rather “out-paddle.” Unless you’re a very confident kayaker it would be a big gamble to race a large saltwater croc across several kilometers of open water.

“Stuck for 2 weeks? He couldn’t carry or drag his kayak around the crocodile’s territory?”

You do know I trust that this is a saltwater crocodile and that all crocodiles can swim? And that they generally attack in the water? And a beast likes this hasn’t the slightest problem in tipping over and ripping apart something weighing several hundred pounds without working up a sweat?

A croc that big may have weighed half a ton or more. You don’t screw around with something that big and deadly.

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6 meters! Holy cow! I wonder what it eats when it can’t find kayakers. I’m guessing everything that moves.


Pirate hands, clocks, that sort of thing.


What I’m dying to know is if he had to drink his own piss.


I got the impression he was on an island and couldn’t just walk away.

edit: in future he should take along a tinny or a good sea kayak.

From the article,

After hitching a lift with a solo yachtsman from the Northern Territory to Western Australia, he was dropped on Governor Island with 160 litres of water, some flour and dry stores. But after realising he was unprepared for the Kimberley wilderness, his first attempt to reach the mainland was thwarted by the crocodile.

I’m wondering what it was that got him to register that he was unprepared for said wilderness? “Oh, gosh I’m hungry. I’ll just wander over here to the…Oh damn, forgot the stove, more rations, lighter/flint, batteries, emergency radio, small/large knife, mirror, fishing line, hooks, shoes, mad magazine, see-gars…”


So the island was really small then. Can someone find it on google map?

I was picturing an island with trees and everything, not just a strip of sand.

It just wanted a friend is all!

Poor misunderstoodadile :frowning:

has a map

160 litres of water should sustain one man for at lest 3 months. Must be a typo or misprint unless he was bathing with it the first few days in paradise till Croc made the stay longer.

20 feet is impressive. The old Croc was thinking, “Oh yeah, I am pre-empting a strike on this human cause he is looking rather sketchy.” Then attempts too carry through.

He was never in any real danger. Such a large reptile would quickly out run him during a night ambush,should it really have wanted him for dinner…

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Talking in feet, I doubt you are too familiar with salt water crocs… Also, I am willing to bet that if you were in the same position you would deem yourself in very real danger. Being stuck on a small island with finite supplies whilst being watched by one of the worlds biggest reptiles, preventing you from leaving except through certain death, is not a safe situation. If he was not rescued, he would be dead. That is some real danger dude.

Maybe an oxygen tank and a rifle. “Smile, you son of a bitch!”

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