'Crop artist' makes portrait of Kamala Harris in a Kansas field

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All the artistic talent, and you choose uninspiring politicians as your subject matter?

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Hope you aren’t one of those people planning on voting for Kanye or staying home out of protest? In case you haven’t noticed we are literally ONE election away from having an unhinged conman go from dictator wannabe to full on Dictator if he wins again or refuses to concede. Biden/Harris wasn’t my first choice either but you had better believe I will be voting for them.


If you watch the video he clearly was inspired. Inspiration comes in many forms, you may question it, but you cannot deny it.


I’m not American. If i were I’d probably vote for Biden and feel shitty about it.

There is a significant difference between voting Dem as harm reduction and deciding you want a 30 foot picture of Democratic candidates in your field though.



I’m happy when I can get my mowing lines parallel.


Should he have carved a giant still life? Perhaps an arrangement of cornstalks, as a really meta statement? It’s great to see somebody get excited about the nominees, even when the rest of us cynical assholes on the BBS have shown time and again that the appropriate reaction to Biden/Harris is “meh.”

Proper criticism is this:
The portrait of Harris is an excellent likeness, save the frightened look of a young woman with amblyopia. Biden, however, is most reminiscent of Vladimir Lenin with a bit of My Favorite Martian thrown in for good measure.


Wait, like Kansas, Kansas?

Aha. Now it makes sense.

Kamala Harris might not be your first choice or mine for the office, but I can certainly see why “first woman of color on a major-party ticket in over 230 years of American Presidential elections” would be inspiring to someone.

Plus she made Brett Kavanaugh cry on national television, so that’s pretty cool.


This alone makes be adore her. That was EPIC!


I am American; one of the marginalized, disenfranchised and oppressed ones. I’ll be voting for Biden, and while he is far from my first choice, I won’t feel noways bad about it afterward.

I dislike voting for “the lesser of two evils,” but if ‘evil’ is always the only kind of candidate running, then I’m gonna do what I can to mitigate the damage.


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