Kamala Harris disappoints in CNN interview: "Do what now?"

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Harris, with her prosecutor’s background and being a smart woman of colour, had the potential to be a true fighting liberal leader. Apparently becoming VP under Biden has completely drained her of that ambition.

My message to any Democratic candidate remains the same: I’m stuck with this broken duopoly system, but unless you show a willingness to bloody fight the only thing you’ll get from me is a vote (and a Dem vote in a state that regularly goes blue is chump change).

[It looks like fighting liberalism is my theme of the day today.]


Ugh. It’s getting more and more apparent that it’s unlikely that Joe will run for a second term. Kamala is definitely not going to get any support in those primaries again after this weak wristed bullshit she spouted. Beto is too busy trying to put out all of those fires in Texas (either as a candidate, governor or activist) to go through another national primary run. Klobuchar’s history in Minnesota has pretty much eroded away national support from black dems.

What that ultimately leaves is Buttigieg and AOC (yeah she’ll be old enough to run before election day) to go up against each other in the primaries with the very strong possibility of either one of them picking Beto to try to win over the other side of their party while still looking like they held onto their own positions.


I still think that Biden will resign as soon as he decides not to run again, which will make Harris president for better or worse.


Whispers on the wind seem to be saying, “Hillary 2024, Hillary 2024. . .”


No no no. Beto has to win Texas Governor and stay in Texas. He has so much damned work to do. We cannot have another GOP governor

ETA: I’m not sure who to run nationally, but if Beto ditches Texas for the Whitehouse before his first term of governor is done I will be so damned pissed


I’ve noticed those little trial balloons lately too.

If you ever wondered if the DNC establishment could be more underhanded in attacking a popular candidate’s presidential ambitions than they were with Sanders, watch how they go after Ocasio-Cortez.

Please, no. At least make the GOP put in a little effort as it destroys liberal democracy in the U.S


How about adding more seats to the Supreme Court immediately to protect democracy from going down the drain? How about eliminating the filibuster so the minority party that rules the country and is turning into a christofascist dictatorship is put in check?

The White House signaled that Biden will not pursue Senate Democratic proposals to build abortion clinics on federal land, fund people seeking abortions out of state, expanding the Supreme Court, or end the filibuster after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.



Dems need to fight. Hard. On every front and with every tool. You’ll lose many of them - but you’ll bring the fight to the other side and make them react and back off some things.

Who will I vote for? Someone who says they can’t do anything and follows through on that assessment or someone who fights every inch - even if they lose.

Make the other side expend capital, make them defend their actions- actions that the majority don’t support Make them pay.

Stop telling me to vote harder - you need to work harder.


No surprise to me with the self-serving assholes who run the Democratic Party. Abortion and the threat of the other monster party that just made safe access to it so much closer to impossible for so many U.S. women has become a FANTASTIC fund-raising issue.


Saw this posted elsewhere:

Republicans are the mass shooters.
Democrats are the Uvalde police.


The had how long since the Roe decision leak to formulate a plan for how they’d respond legislatively. And they chose to do nothing. How about tying abortion access and Medicaid/are funding together? How about requiring that states receiving any ACA funding use it to cover abortion? How about a bunch of state-level bills enshrining abortion rights even more strongly at state levels? How about anything! Any sort of plan.

And the communication. Oy. “Well, we need you to vote for us.” Okay, great, but… what will you do once you have the votes? Like where’s the actual bill? Which seats do you want the public to target for the purpose of flipping them so you get the seats you need in Congress? What is your goddamn strategy here?


There is none, as this vignette on the Dem’s Web site (h/t @anothernewbbaccount) illustrates.

So. It’s about a month after the draft decision removing Federal protection for abortion leaked, and the homepage of the democrats dot org first hits you with a modal, essentially saying “give us money and we’ll do something”, but the headline is about “donating now to help elect Democrats” when honestly, I don’t particularly care about electing Democrats, I care about, you know, not losing rights.

The short version of this is that any content strategy team worth their salt would be able to knock this out of the park. The draft decision has been waiting for a month. A bowling alley has a better content scheduling calendar than this.

As to why this happens, it’s because the Dem establishment hires staff on the basis of loyalty and time-serving(and sometimes nepotism) rather than competence.


Absent some medical issue, there is zero chance of this happening. Nobody in their right mind spends decades trying to get elected, only to go down in history as the second-ever president, alongside Nixon, to resign.

He’ll run again because that’s how first terms are validated–by getting reelected.


I don’t think he’ll resign, but in the last month the Dems have been sending up smoke signals about his not seeking a second term. If it happens the pretext will be some age-related medical issue that will allow him to save face.


I really wish it had been Connie Rice (not Condi). One of the few who seems to have the energy and determination of AOC or the smarts of Katie Porter (not to imply AOC is not smart).


maybe i’ve missed them in the face of waves hands at everything else, but what signals have they been sending that indicate this?


Just articles and TV comments here and there where various Dem party and elected officials mention in passing what’s supposed to be “unmentionable”. No-one in those positions (or the corporate media outlets) says a word about a sitting President not running for a second term or muses about potential primary challengers when there’s no doubt that the POTUS is operating from a position of strength.


I’ve seen “signals” from the NYTimes, CNN, FoxNews, RollCall, The Hill etc. but that’s click and watch bait for the most part.

The press is hard at work fomenting fear and doubt. When they use the word “whispers” it means they are just spreading gossip and misinformation. Hillary has categorically denied she’s even considering running again and yet “whispers” on NYTimes, CNN and the like.

Kamala’s banal performance isn’t helping.


State laws do not apply on federal lands.

Be bold Joe. Allow abortion health care providers and transgender health care providers to operate on federal lands.