Crowdfunding Jolla, a GNU/Linux-powered high-spec tablet


I’m a little dubious. I assume that by “Quad-Core Intel” they mean something like an Atom Z3745, but that’s a fairly pricey part. The screen is a good $75 if they get a deal and order a lot. They’re not going to have any margin on these devices at all. Battery life is going to be pretty disappointing too.

I guess the real question is how much you want a tablet with no app store. Hopefully the thing comes with clang pre-installed. This has a lot of horsepower, but I’m not sure what I would use it for.

Apparently the OS is heavily gesture based as well, which is going to give it a steep learning curve. You can’t just look for a button to press, you have to figure out what magical swipe does the action you want.

No app store = no shitty zynga like ad & virus loaded games

Win win all around

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Sailfish got some crappy reviews for the phone version. Shame it doesn’t have Maemo/Harmattan

This…? I’m getting JooJoo / Grid vibes from it. Still, it made its funding target, and quickly, although it wasn’t much money.

It’ll probably have access to the Yandex store.

Is using the term “GNU/Linux” appropriate here? Or hypercorrect? I mean, a normal end-user of this won’t interact with any software from the GNU project, right? So isn’t this exactly a kind of device where saying just “Linux-based” is acceptable, even to the most ardent GNU fan.

From the campaign:

Besides running its own native apps, Sailfish OS has the capability to run Android apps. You can continue using your favourite apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as downloading all the latest ones via the Jolla Store and other Android app marketplaces.

I have to admit, I’m intrigued: the device looks beautiful, and the price point is very good. But with no way to try out the software, and no evidence that the battery life is any good, I’ll have to hold out until people have actually used and reviewed it.

But they get an A+ on the form factor.


The only thing I need to know: does it run comiXology?

They’ve crushed their funding goal, so this should come to market. I’ll wait for 2.0 - I am concerned about the battery. A linux tablet does feel attractive.

Intel CPU? Forget it. An Intel CPU is a waste of perfectly good sand.

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