Fundraising a fully free fork of Android


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While I totally support such a project, that radio firmware issue is going to be a HUGE stumbling block. Would it even be possible to get FCC approval for such a device?

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they are frequently the best of breed,[/quote]

It’s a good thing my mouth was empty when I read this, or my keyboard would be soaked. GNU/Linux and the BSDs are great on the server. What other truly free OS is anywhere near ‘best of breed’?


They’re actually pretty good outside the server as well.

This is probably relevant:

TL;DR: probably not insurmountable with current FCC rulemaking. I’d guess that the bigger issue would be getting specs from the chipset manufacturers, and cellular, which is another can of worms that the FSF may be underestimating, if they haven’t discussed this with the cellular carriers.

Best of breed, the man said.

Best part of this story: Richard Stallman is not (yet) insisting we all call it GNU/Android.

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Why would he? It doesn’t (yet) include the GNU standard libraries.

Well, since they want to use this on phones and tablets that already exist, rules about software-defined radios p’bly don’t enter the equation. Right now, driver availability seems the larger issue. For instance, the project’s Supported Devices page, lists 3G as working on a number of handsets; what’s missing are things like WiFi and Bluetooth.

Oh, joys. I’ve been waiting for something like this. I’d love an OS that could turn all of those slightly older model phones into useful tools & not so much garbage. Though this would be great for a phone you would use on a daily basis, you could keep hordes of landfill destined handsets in use.

I have been waiting for something like this ever since they announced the Android. I don’t have the technical expertise or I would have done it myself these past few years, I just wonder what took them so long…

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