Crowdfunding toys for zoo-rhinos

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Toys for rhinos.

Hippo tested, Rhino approved.

This is a solution to a problem that should not exist. Rhinos wouldn’t need enrichment if they were housed in an area that had enough square miles of natural habitat, and other rhinos to socialize, bond and mate with.

The campaign, with the sensitive guitar music, is for a product that will make their captives feel warm and fuzzy about “enrichment” though.

If you need a crowdfunding campaign on top of whatever other funding you have as a zoo to care for them, you probably can’t afford to keep the rhinos.

I mis-read this as “confounding toys for zoo-rhinos” and so was mildly disappointed.

Well that cinched it: I’m no longer going to speak of being gainfully employed or having a job. Instead, I’ll talk about a special relationship with my foobler.

I thought that rhinos were notoriously easily spooked and convinced that everything unexpected needed killing.

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